Resident Experience:

After living in the Marquette Dorms and other apartments on campus, I can say that there is something unique about living at Renee Row. When you think Renee Row you immediately think of a social place to live and it is no surprise this is a mindset held by current tenants, underclassmen and alumni alike. Situated in the heart of Marquette’s campus, Renee Row is easily accessible to campus, other popular apartment complexes and pretty much everything in between. But aside from the communal living and outdoor space, Renee Row offers students so much more than just a place to live and socialize. Based on offerings, Renee Row provides tenants with a number of utilities and special features—something few landlords on the Marquette Campus do. However, finding a great place to live is more than the included amenities and social environment. The owners, staff and maintenance team are on call day and night to make sure that problems are addressed and tenants have the best living experience on campus. After living in Renee Row for a semester, I can confidently say that the amenities, outdoor space and helpful staff make Renee Row a one of the best places to live on campus. Given my personal experience with Marquette’s housing and other landlords on campus, it is an experience and a privilege like no other to live at Renee Row.

Ellery Fry, Class of 2017 - Renee Row Resident